I don't even know who I am anymore
Please ask me anything..
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Anonymous asked: Hey will you talk to me


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Anonymous asked: Please help me! I'm a girl age 16 and I have a boyfriend who I've been with for 6 months and he just never puts the effort in anymore. He'd rather meet his friends than meet me and it always feels like he hates me but he says we're fine. What should I do?:((((xx

Hello :) Well honestly I think you should talk to him , dont be afraid if hell get mad or something. If you’re feeling neglected then tell him~ he may think you guys are fine but you don’t. Guys dont tend to over think , according to my brother and guy friends, so he probably thinks he’s doing nothing wrong or anything. If he doesn’t care or if nothing changes then things are not going to get any better and it might be time to end it~ you’re 16 you’ll have a lot more boyfriends in the future (Experienced talking)

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The older you get the more you realize that the world is a horribly sad place and its going to be that way forever.

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goddammitlucy asked: have you ever had burning rage?

only when Im not the center of attention

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Anonymous asked: wat


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oh you have bad grades? will good luck making it in life

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Okay for those who read after 

Imagine this as the ending

"You sure" Harry looked into my eyes as If I didn’t know what I was getting into "Yes harry I am" I giggled. "Really? Cause if you’-" I cut him off "Harry for the last time I am! and if you ask me  one more time, I will smack you" I couldn’t help smiled.  He sighed and smiled back ,he then turned to the man and said  "Okay we’re ready" 

We are gathered here today…..”

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Anonymous asked: I wish I looked like you......

Really p.p cause I wished I look like you c; 

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These feelings..

Have you ever been so mad
so sad
so tired
so done.
That you ever wanted to pick up that razor you have hidden in your room. You try to stop yourself but you can’t seem to hold in…
Your friends really don’t care about your problems..
Your family doesn’t listen…
No one cares…
The only thing that can help you right now is that razor.

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Lol you drink beer? bitch pahlease its all about Danimals 
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Lol you drink beer? bitch pahlease 
its all about Danimals 

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